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If you are looking for inspiring historical and cultural talks, get in contact with Our World International. We are dedicated to bringing people from all over the globe together in one space where they can learn about lesser-known historical figures and events. All talks are hosted by Denys Peek and can be accessed on Zoom Meeting, allowing you to engage with others and exchange views from wherever you are in the world. An expert on the subject will also be present for the interactive talk. Our goal is to create a warm, welcoming environment in which to learn and ask questions.

We never use adverts or cookies and do not give out your emails to anyone without permission to ensure maximum comfort, so if you are interested in seeing a talk on history, culture or nature, get in touch with Our World International.




How We Work

Our World International works in close conjunction with societies and groups. They will host the talk in a community space with a laptop and projector, with Denys
and any other guest speakers joining to discuss the topic at hand. We strongly encourage interaction with our audience.

Asking questions and debating topics serve as the essence of what Our World International is about.




About Your Speaker:
Denys Peek

U3A Member. 

Denys spent his early years on a sheep station in Australia ahead of returning to England to become an actor, securing a number of roles in the West End as well as making a series of films and TV programmes. He has worked with many distinguished actors such as Tony Curtis and Roger Moore.

Upon deciding to enter business on a full-time basis, Denys started a chain of retail outlets in England and abroad, becoming a fully-fledged entrepreneur. His most notable success was with a property company that specialized in the restoration of period properties – without actually being able to hammer down a nail himself!

For many years, Denys and his family lived in Sussex, most notably at the famous Marlborough House in Brighton, which had once been owned by the Duchess of Marlborough – a native New Yorker and dear aunt to Winston Churchill, who often visited the house.

More recently, Denys has been engaged as a speaker, giving talks on a wide variety of topics such as his career as well as an underlying love of history. This has become streamlined into an analysis of the links between England and America, culminating in the upcoming series of talks.

A warm, highly driven individual, Denys brings an infectious level of enthusiasm to every talk and believes strongly in the power of debate, asking questions and sharing knowledge. You can join him by booking a talk today.












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