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From Vagabonds to World Stars  

You are invited to join us remotely for a light hearted talk about a time when actors travelled from one village to another trying to make a living and later built a theater in London. Putting on plays written by a young actor-playwright called William Shakespeare.

From then on Actors and Playwrights in England became known around the World.



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Welcome to Our World International. We are committed to bringing people from all over the world together to enjoy and engage with inspiring historical and cultural talks, delivered by Denys Peek together with an expert on the subject. You can access our interactive talks via Zoom Meeting, which enables you to view the proceedings from wherever you are in the world. If you are an expert or enthusiast on a particular subject, we would love to work with you. Moreover, Our World International prides itself in encouraging all participants to ask questions and engage in debates.

We never encourage adverts or cookies and will not supply emails to anyone without prior consent. If you are interested in attending an inspiring historical and cultural talk on Zoom, get in touch.

Please contact us by using the contact form opposite if you are interested in our cultural and historical talks.







If you have any questions or queries about booking or arranging a talk for your group or society,
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Bookings and Media

Our World International aims to reach bigger audiences through Zoom Meeting – a web conference platform, much like Skype. Groups and societies can host our talks via projector and a two-way web cam, enabling people to have full interactive access with the talk, regardless of where they are in the world. This format allows for a more inclusive, engaging experience in which individuals are asked to participate in debates.

Normally, we encourage societies when we are offering a webinar to host it, and organise the tickets themselves. If asked however, tickets can be purchased through this website.











Our World International provides inspiring historical and cultural talks for people across the world,
so don't hesitate to get in contact.

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